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Subwoofer Wont Work


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1992 lexus LS400 with nakamichi system

about a year ago i was driving listen to music when all of a sudden the music was getting distorted and then there was a "popping" noise and the subwoofer stopped working. i took out the subwoofer and tested it and it was still working so i assumed it was an amplifier problem however i never did anything about it. since then i got a new headunit (which was about 6 months ago)(pioneer DEH-5900) and i got the special harness so that the HU would work with the sub if i ever got it fixed (the HU was installed by bestbuy). just today i found a guy selling an amplifier so i went over there and he had 2. however when i plugged them in neither of them worked... so now i am thinkng it may actually not be an amplifier problem... does anyone know what this issue may be? all the speakers work perfectly... i am just getting no sound from the sub.


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anyone know?

You might go back and ask the installer. I'm wondering if your "special harness" is compatible with the Nakamichi subwoofer since I've noticed that some are listed as being compatible only with the standard Pioneer system.

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