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  1. I am going to be selling my 1992 LS 400 and am wondering how much I should put it on craiglist for. It has 205k on it, no major problems, i have the original rims with winter tires and rims from an ES300 with summer tires for it. What should I expect to get for it?
  2. Hi, I have a 1992 LS400, my headlights seem pretty dim and aren't very good at lighting up the road in front of me. I have already replaced the stock headlights with some sylvania silverstars. I was wondering if their are any bulbs that will give me a very white bright light on my 92LS400(without getting an HID kit). If so any recommendations? Thanks.
  3. 1992 lexus LS400 with nakamichi system about a year ago i was driving listen to music when all of a sudden the music was getting distorted and then there was a "popping" noise and the subwoofer stopped working. i took out the subwoofer and tested it and it was still working so i assumed it was an amplifier problem however i never did anything about it. since then i got a new headunit (which was about 6 months ago)(pioneer DEH-5900) and i got the special harness so that the HU would work with the sub if i ever got it fixed (the HU was installed by bestbuy). just today i found a guy selling an amplifier so i went over there and he had 2. however when i plugged them in neither of them worked... so now i am thinkng it may actually not be an amplifier problem... does anyone know what this issue may be? all the speakers work perfectly... i am just getting no sound from the sub. thanks
  4. I am trying to buy a new amplifier for my car but i can't find where the original one is. I was told under the CD changer but I didnt see anything however there is something above the changer. I have attached 2 photos because i have no idea. PS dc if you see this i was going to just message this question to you but i didnt know how to attack pictures in a PM. Thanks!
  5. Hello, the amplifier in my 1992 ls400 blew and i am looking to get a new one but i am not sure where i can find one? does Lexus still sell them? if so how much would it be? also where can the amplifier be found? Thanks
  6. so a few weeks ago i turned on the sound in my car and all of a sudden i heard a static sound coming from my subwoofer then a popping sound... then no more sound came from the sub. i have no experience with this stuff so i thought it was just a blown sub... today i took out the sub and tested it and it was still working just fine. so now m assuming it was the amp... does this mean the amp is blown and needs to be replaced? or is it just like a blown fuse or something? also where is the amp located on a 92 ls400 with the nak system? i was told under the passenger seat... but i looked there and didnt see it. Thanks
  7. 1 - will replacing the head unit AND bypassing the stock amp make it louder? 2 - i know the stock amp would need to be replaced if im putting in a aftermarket amp... but i was wondering about if the stock amp needed to be bypassed if im puttingin an aftermarket HU... because i heard there will be distortion because of the HU's onboard amp
  8. I have a pioneer deh-5900 HU from my old car and was thinking of getting i put in my 1992 lexus ls400 instead of the nakamichi system. i do plan on getting new speakers eventually and an amp to power these speakers. i have a few questions. 1. will replacing only the HU make sound better? worse? the same? 2. iv heard the stock amp will need to be bypassed if an aftermarket HU is put in or there will be distortion... is this easy? does the amp need to be messed around with for this? or i it done straight from the HU? 3. are the stock speakers component speakers? 4. im getting this all done at bestbuy as i have little experience and dont want to mess anything up. anything i should tell them? thank you very much
  9. Hi I have a 92 LS400 and the trunk will not open. ive never had any problems with the trunk before and the problem sort of just happened. i used the trunk the night prior to me discovering the problem. when i pull the trunk opener in the car i hear the latch open, but when i pull up on it, it still wont open. before i take it to the dealership and get charged and arm and a leg to have it fixed, i figured id put it here for suggestions. Also os there any way to access the trunk for the cabin?