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1998 Ls400 Throttle Body


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My throttle body will no longer reset the rpms to 650. They are in the 1200 range and I cant reset them manually from the info on lexls because it was for a 1990 to 1994 model and the sensor doesn't do it, its electronical which sucks cuz thats the reason why these Toyotas are taking off flying. Since there's a problem in my vehicle, it takes over the accelerator and jumps to 2000 rpms when the computer checks the engine. I assume the fail safe keeps it at 2000 rpms, but if the fail safe fails, I assume them Toyotas jumping past 6000 rpms. Just my opinion. but back to my question, I need a throttle body now because I cleaned it and it wont reset. My Lex keeps taking control of the throttle and I have to shut the engine off for a few seconds and restart it to get control of the throttle. Im getting sick of having to do this everytime I get to a stop light. I can mash the gas pedal to the floor to get to the fail safe point but that takes too long to accelerate. Any help because I cannot seem to find anyone with a 1998 thru 2000 throttle body besides the EXPENSIVE dealership. I know, spend the money, but I just finished spending two grand at Len Stoler Lexus on the timing belt, water pump, unper control arm, and spark plugs replacement. Tryna get a break here this summer. geez lol.

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Are you trying to buy an entire throttle body, or just the TPS? The sensor itself shouldn't be that much aftermarket, maybe $4-500, maybe even less. I'd also call salvage yards locally and Statewide, and check for crossover to the GS400/SC400, it's probably the same piece.

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