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Yes, The 09 Rx Needs The Updated Oil Hose !

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I was so advised by Lexus dealer when making an appointment for the forthcoming oil change. It seems the new hose is made of metal rather than rubber. Time to change it: 1h.

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What hose are you talking about? Your posting is completely non informational...

I don't know what part - where - of the oil system it pertains to, but the issue has been discussed several times, and, until now, the postings only referred to 2007-2008 RXs. It now seems it affects the 2009 RXs too, which had been a question in one forum or the other. Further, a couple of posts in one forum or the other discussed the replacement of the hose/line with a metal line, indicating that Lexus only replaced with a 'soft' hose, whereas in fact the dealer advised me the replacement was a metal hose. For instance: Plse. check:


If you own a 2009RX, the post carries some information that could be deemed useful. If you don't own one - yes, useless info. I regret the latter applies to you. If you wish, and can do so, a perusal of Lexus TSBs should provide further info. If you find something informational, thank you in advance for sharing.

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