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Trip Out West


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Hi all! I have been watching the Forum since I bought my 1998 LS400 last October. So I thought I would post some thoughts after a 5700 mile drive from Ohio to National Parks in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico & Utah. Car was better that I thought it would be. My wife wanted us to take her 2007 Honda Accord since she assumed it would be more reliable :) The Lex was perfect, averaging around 28 mpg while cruising close to 80 mph most of the way. I have never owned a car with build quality as good as this. The car has always been in Ohio so it has seen plenty of salt yet it has only minor corrosion on some of the undercarriage bolts and braces and the paint is excellent. The ride was amazing and even my wife is convinced of the superiority of a 12 year old LS400 compared to a 3 year old Accord!! Like others have said before, the car has spoiled me so that I will never own anything other than a LS in the future. As I do my own maintenance I will keep reading the Forum for more excellent tips. Thanks to all who have posted. Joe

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Hey Joe,

I've owned my 1990 LS400 for about 9 years. To this day, I have not driven any other car that drives as good as mine. My wife has an 04 ES330 which is a pretty nice car but we both agree the 90LS drives much better. A few years ago she had a brand new Chrysler 300 Limited and it drove like crap compared to the LS. Every time I think about selling it and upgrading, I drive it and realize I already have the upgrade I want.


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I have owned 8 LS's over the past 15 years, and would not even consider anything else.

what more can I say????

Oh, put my new rotors and pads on today...... smooth............ best $90 bucks I ever spent.

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