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Question For Diy Oil Changers..

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Any do it yourselfers notice that the oil drain catch under the filter is totally useless, or is it my car in particular? When I unscrew the filter, the oil runs down behind the guide (between the block and the guide) rather than into the guide itself. I'm wondering whether it does this for everyone, or am I missing a gasket or something between the guide and the block.


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No matter how meticulously I clean that oil, there is always a few drops on the garage floor, afterward. Once I clean that up, no additional oil will show up until the next oil change. Since I reach up from underneath, with the plastic cover pushed out enough for my hand to get an adjustable wrench on the oil filter's welded-on nut, I really can't see much. Therefore, I can't see everything you are showing in the photo.

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I agree, there are always some drips. I change my filter from the top side now and just put a rag underneath beforehand.


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