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Hi all,

Recently I purchased a 2000 GS 300, NAV, no leather (poor man's feature), green (imperial jade, what's in a name) and completely stock. Although I live in Holland and have been browsing the Lexus Euro forum, I seem to stick with the US one. There might be a factor that the Euro site is German, no offence :P

For the near future I'm planning on new rim's (perhaps let them repaint), as the paint is coming off badly. Other than that, the car is in very good shape, well maintained and shines like new.

It might be my imagination, but when the dealer serviced my car and I got a replacement GS (new model, all features), I noticed that my 'old' car still has an unmatched smoothness and build-quality to it. I absolutely love it.

Anyway, thanks for the info on this site.


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just signed the deal on my first Lexus a 1998 ES 300 with leather ,gold ( sure there's a better name for it ) heat seats,sunroof,etc....

with 174m km .it drives like a dream ,of course it will be a few day before its in the drive way.

cannot wait for it to be home.

i will have questions in the future.

thanks for all the help so far.


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Welcome to the LOC...

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