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Fresh Gas Fumes


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on our '05 RX 330 there is a stong odor of fresh gas (not exhaust) inside the car and under the hood when warmed up. no obvious leaks/drips under car or within engine compartment. dealer says it is cheap gas - I say he's grasping for answers.

any ideas? thanks

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Whoever told you that at a dealership is a moron. Whether or not you can smell gas has nothing at all to do with how much you paid for it. Duh. Something is leaking but a little gasoline goes a long way so it could be a very small source. I'd start looking around the fuel rail and the injectors since there are a lot of connections in a small area and then work my way out from there.

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Bad gas can be really, really stinky and may serve to highlight a leak you didn’t know you had. Your dealer is indeed an idiot. Hope he’s got malpractice insurance.

A pretty good way to find an invisible gas leak is to find friendly shop with a smog sniffer. Have them wave the sniffers wand around the region in question. It will pick up and register the fuel smell on the screen just like a very smoggy car. They can then zoom in on the leaks position pretty accurately if they know what there doing.

Regards, PK

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