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  1. Hello all, My sunroof is stuck in full closed position. it sounds like it budges a little, it makes an audible grunt sound, when I push the button to either open it or pop it up. I've searched around for and explanation and tried few fixes with no know luck. Any ideas are apreciated, PK
  2. Not sure what exactly your describeing but 3m makes a trim adhesive that sticks like _ell for most suff. You can get it at any auto parts store. Just ask at the counter. Regards, PK
  3. Mine went at 89k. I was told this transmission is shared with several other models and is a common and known weakness with them all. I don't think you'll get anywhere huffing and puffing. It took 8 years and a class action lawsuit to get them to acknowledge the fatal engine sludge problem (I got that at 85k) and compensate for it. Right now at 99k, I can’t even get rid of the thing because the sludge problem makes it smoke and unable to pass smog (A CA U.S. requirement). I don’t think I’ll be buying another one soon. Regards, PK
  4. I‘m putting some 19 inch wheels on my rx300. I’m also having a lot of paint and body work done and am thinking about having the wheels done in black (the car is black). I’ve seen Mecs. and BMW’s done up this way but never an RX. Wondering if anyone has done it and if so, can you post pictures. Regard, PK
  5. Outrageous to me but I do not take my RX 300, Porsche or BMW to the dealers. A detail shop will steam clean you engine top to bottom for 50-$100. Extrapolate backwards from your list. NONE of the problems listed are critical, none. Unless there is a large, ever growing puddle off oil under your car in it’s usual parking spot and your always adding oil, you have nothing to worry about. Wait until you do, then take it to an independent shop. Regards, PK
  6. In my case I did not need new key but I did have to have my computer synced with the existing keys and VIN# … whatever else. Mine was done by a roving reprogramming/hacker genius with all the necessary computer equipment not only for the Lexus but a dozen other cars. Officially, the key chip/code needs to match the VIN and the computer…I think Regards, PK
  7. -Your sludge was probably there allready. It takes a long time to acumulate sludge. Oil will still look clear with a sludgy engine. -If your pvc valve and engine were bange maybe -Doubtfull. The engin would have to have taken a direct hit and the maybe just mayb but if it took such a hit the seal would probably be the least of your probem. Regards, PK
  8. I don have the book but it’s probably at least 91 but, every car made in the in the last …20-25(?) years has at least a knock sensor system that retards the timing and makes other adjustments to compensate for poor or low octane gas. My wife runs her 99 RX300 and my 91 BMW (wants 94oct) on 87oct with no noticeable difference. I often run my supercharged Porsche on 91oct (wants at least 93) with little noticeable change. I would have to know more about the symptoms to take a stab at the problem. All I can say is her gas requirements are compensating for some underlying problem. Even if ther
  9. Sensor-yes, adjustment; there arn't really any these days. normally there is a CEL (check engine light) for this sort of problem though. The car is basically requiring a mega vitamin supplement (octane) to offset some systemic deficiency. Ethanol provides sort of a false octane (power/performance) rating. A properly setup engine will make accomodations for what is really a lower octane gas (ethanole spiked fuel) with out the driver really knowing the difference. This one won't. So yes, there is somthing amiss. Regards, PK
  10. Different oil companys spike there gas with different percentages of ethanol. The more ethanol the less power. In addittion, ethanol content can vary, from the same oil company, and from region to region. I've heard that shell, on a whole, generally has less ethanonl. It may well be that shell stations in your area are low on ethanol and, the other brands are high. In the performace car world, people hunt down stations with low ethanol content. Even 100 octane race fuel can be spiked so much it's no real improvement. I wounldn't be surprised if ther isnt a web site showing low ethanol statio
  11. If your just doing mechanical work, that identical motor is a pretty common one across the Toyota line. However Chilton’s makes a 15 buck manual that specifically covers the RX 300-330 & Toyota Highlander. It says 2001-2007 but one call to Toyota would confirm that critical timing settings are the same for a 2000 (or not). The rest is just twiddling buts and bolt. If you can't find it at your local box store try Amazon. Regards, PK
  12. Low oil preassure. Most pronuced when motor is at low RPMs.Could be a bad oil pump or worn engine. Also, If you are low on oil, on braking the oil sloshes to the front of oil pan and dodges the oil pickup. Regards, PK
  13. Yes, with a class action lawsuit, lots of people, myself included, had/have this problem. I have a thread I started here (or on the other big Lexus forums) some time ago. You might do a search by subject or my nickname,…sorta interesting. Ill reply again shortly when I have some time. I am surprised Lexus is still handing out money. Did you have really good service records or somthing? The payout was supposed to end in '98. Regards, PK
  14. Ditto, they'll fit. There are sugestions if not regulatios as to how that should be arranged. Might check with the highway patrol or DOT your cause. Best regards, PK
  15. In broad terms It’s sort of self explanatory . This is only an educated interpetation; P1155: Some Oxygen sensors (especially widebands) need to be artificially heated. If it not, it will think it cold and run the car rich thus giving crummy mileage. P0171 say not enough coolant to create heat. Same deal, it not reading the heat required to heat the O2 sensor enough to make the car right. Same deal, to rich, ergo bad mileage. P0171 (system too lean) makes no sense to me because the other code and your mileage point to a car running rich. It may just be a code thrown out because other thi
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