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96 Es 300 Rear Engine Main Seal Repair


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I got 4 quotes for a rear engine main seal replacement job from 4 different shops for a 1996 ES 300.

1. $850 from an indepent shop that works on Lexus.

2. $944 from a Toyota dealership

3. $840 from a Toyota dealership

4. $486 from a Toyota dealership (they even provide a free rental for the day)

I'm kind of skeptical about the $486 quote that they may not do the job right.

Any suggestions of which quote would reasonable for this type of repair job?


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See my previous posts on my very recent transmission rebuild.

Part of Aamco's diagnostic service, after they've done an external inspection and found nothing wrong there, is to drop the transmission and open it up to look at it. At that point they know exactly what the repair cost will be.

They charge $400 for this service, if you end up not having them repair it. That covers removing the transmission and re-installing it. (I had them repair it.)

While they were in there, we looked at the rear main seal and found that it was just beginning to leak a little bit. Well, while you're in there, go ahead and fix that, I said. The part was $32, and the labor was $68--for a total of $100.

I'm thinking $500 is about what this job should cost, then, and that $800-$900 is high.

You might find yourself a local Aamco and see what they say. After all, they remove and re-install transmissions every day.

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