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  1. yes, the ECT light turns on when the button is pressed.
  2. After I had my 96 ES300 rear main seal replacement by a transmission shop, I noticed that the transmission shift point is not shifting correctly. When I accelerate the transmission shift point does not engage properly causing the engine to rev up then it finally kicks in. Does anybody know how to reprogram or adjust the shift point on a ES300? What will this involve and how. Please provide details. Thanks.
  3. I had my 96 ES300 engine main seal replaced by a Transmission shop recently. After the repair, I noticed my transmission does not kick into gear smoothly when excelerating, and loud humming noise. I told the trans shop manager of the symtoms, but he said they only dropped the trans and installed the seal and that they did not touch anything else in the transmission. Is this true? Could they have missed something in the process of reassembling the transmission that would cause it not work like before? I'm taking it back to the trans shop this Friday for them look at. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. One of the vacumm hoses was popped off. That resolved the pulsating noise. However, now I'm experiencing the transmission hesitating when it kicks into gear, and a loud humming noise until it finally goes over 30mph. Could this be caused by how the tech reassemble the transmission back when he installed the rear seal? It feels like the fly wheel is not engaging quick enough for the it to go into gear. Any input will be appreciated. This will help me to go back to the trans shop to explain to them. thanks.
  5. Thanks for suggestions steviej. I will have the trans tech check that out this morning. You are probably right because when I accelerate, the performance seems to be sluggish and the humming noise increases as the trans kicks into gear. Will let you know. Thanks.
  6. Greetings, I took my 97 ES 300 to a transmission shop (All Transmission World) today to have the rear engine main seal replacement. Took the car in at 8:00am and picked it by by 4:30pm. While driving home, I noticed a pulsating noise that could be coming from the exhaust pipe, and the engine made like a humming noise when I accelerate. Before the repair, these symtoms did not exist. Could it be that the technician did not put back everything back the way it was? Do they need to remove the exhaust pipe to do the job? I'm taking it back tomorrow morning for them the check it out. But just wanted to get some input as what I should be asking them to check. Was it a mistake for me to take my car to a TRANS shop to do this type of repair? Help.... Thanks.
  7. Greetings, I got 4 quotes for a rear engine main seal replacement job from 4 different shops for a 1996 ES 300. 1. $850 from an indepent shop that works on Lexus. 2. $944 from a Toyota dealership 3. $840 from a Toyota dealership 4. $486 from a Toyota dealership (they even provide a free rental for the day) I'm kind of skeptical about the $486 quote that they may not do the job right. Any suggestions of which quote would reasonable for this type of repair job? Thanks.
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