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Tires / 2008 Lexus Gs 350 Awd

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2008 Lexus GS 350 AWD,

Question #1 - Looking for replacement recommendations for original equipment Dunlap run flat

Not necessary to replace with Run flat recommendations. Would like to have aggresive handling and performance

in all type weather.

Question #2 - Does anyone know if all 2008 GS 350 AWD versions have TPMS/tires ?

Is it a consideration in replacement tires ?

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I had Dunlop runflats. They sucked: very rough in the summer and absolutely no grip in winter. I could not even get up

my driveway with just an inch of snow, so I had to get a set of winter rims and tires. When Dunlop wore out a year later after 20K miles I got a set of all-season high performance Continental ContiExtremeContact tires. Love them! Great, predictable handling all-around, and no need for snow tires in the winter.


'06 GS430

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RDN_GS 350

I second that, ContiExtremeContact tires are great tires for the money. Good in the snow and in the summer. You can spend more and get the Michelin pilots, but it wouldnt be as good in the snow. And yes your GS have TPMS, make sure you tell the installer that.

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