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Gen 4 Nav Update


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I'm finally going to update the NAV in my '05 SC430, from version 3.Duh up to 8.1. I'm too cheap to spend $200 at the dealer for 9.1, so I'm on the lookout for a GEN 4 Ver8.1 online. Anyway it appears that the U-code on the disk identifies which GEN the disk is, yes? Can someone take a minute and explain the Version/GEN Code mystery to me? If this has been alrready been discussed to death, a link, please? U23 = GEN4/Ver8.1? Thanks...

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Here is a website that may help: http://www.lexusnavigation.com

The 2005-2009 SC430 is a generation 4 nav system -- bummer that the version 9.1 update for gen 4 nav systems doesn't automatically bypass the "I agree" screen like it does on the generation 5-up systems.

You might find an online seller who will discount the $199 price of version 9.1. Sewell Lexus in Texas usually knocks a few dollars off parts and others might also.

Edit: The gen 4 discs I see on eBay have W41 on them. The gen 5 discs I see have U31. I see what you mean ... even the eBay sellers seem unsure of what they are selling.

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