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Nakamichi Specs?

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i've heard many different things regarding what nakamichi stereo's in lexus' include...i've heard 8 inch sub, 10 inch sub, 2 ohm, 1 ohm, 4 ohm.... does anyone know which system comes with what? reason asking, i was checking out my system the other day (i just bought a 98 LS with NAK) and the sub is an 8 inch 6 ohm sub...nothing like what ive heard it should have.... sounds wierd to me, anyone else have this sub>?

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yes every lexus model has a different radio and a different amp. it makes it hard to find any replacements so lexus stays in the subwoofer business that way. heres some ipof the ohms i know. the pioneer system cars for ls 400 90 to 94 has a 8 inch 2 ohm sub. the 93 to 97 gs a 10 inch 2 ohm. the 12 inch sc is 1 ohm.the nak systems all run higher ohms than the pioneer. the 12 inch 92 to 97 sc nak is 5 ohm, the 8 inch ls400 nak 90 to 94 is 5 ohm. on the newer 2nd generation the 98 up gs has 2 ohm door speakers on the from and 4 ohm on the rear. the sub is 4 ohm pioneer and 6 ohm nak.

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