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Check Engine Light

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I am a new Lexus owner. 2000 GS300. I don't have the service manuals for the car yet. The check engine light came on. In the past with my older cars, I have been able to activate a "blink system" and count the blinks to come up with a trouble code and look it up in the sevice manual. Will I be able to do this with the Lexus or do I have to go buy an expensive OBD II scanner? Are there any good alternatives to buying the three factory service manuals for this car? I have downloaded a one thousand one hundred and eleven page service mnual but it seems incomplete. No wiring diagrams. No Mil trouble codes. Or am I just behind the times? Slightly Confused Dan

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did the car go in to crawl mode?

Let us know what code you got if you take it in.

There is a way of counting beeps using paperclips, but i am not going to advise you do that.

The car did not go into Limp Mode. I borrowed a scanner from a friend at work. I came up with the following code: P0141 Mod $ 10. O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction. Bank 1 Sensor 2. Sound familiar? I'll pass on the paperclip idea.

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