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What Struts For 2000 Es 300?

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My struts have been rattling for some time and (of course) are just getting worse. I understand this is most likely due to the rubber mounts. Since the car has 155k miles on it, I am considering replacing the struts...not just the rubber. I am no where near a Lexus dealer so I will have to depend on my local mechanic to put the new ones on. My question: what kind of strut should I ask for? I would like something that closely matches the ride given with the originals (whatever they are).

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KYB makes the OEM Lexus struts. Even if you spend $200/strut and buy from Lexus, it will have KYB stamped on it.

Look for a good price on "KYB GR2" struts online and get the struts and mounts shipped to you. Then bring them to a mechanic. I paid $150 in labor to get the front struts and mounts replaced on my 99 ES300. Should be around the same for your car. Of course this is at an independent mechanic. Lexus wanted $600 just for labor :D

You will notice a huge difference in ride and handling after putting in the new struts!

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I don't mind ordering the KYBs online, but I would hate to show up at the mechanics with parts missing. What should I order? Strut assemblies? Strut inserts? And since the problem was brought to my attention by the creaking and groaning in the front end, apparently due to bad rubber mounts, do I order a set of those too? Should I do the back struts at the same time?

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Ideally you want:

1) Strut (most expensive--around $90)

2) Strut mount (around 50$)

3) Strut bumper (cheap--$8 or so)

4) Upper spring insulator (cheap--$12 or so)

5) Lower spring insulator (cheap--$12 or so)

1) and 2) are must.

3) is very important.

4) is good to have--you will not know if it needs replacement until the mechanic has removed the old strut but then it will be too late to buy it...

5) is good to have. You can tell the condition by turning your tires fully to one side and looking at the condition of the rubber thingy that is between the lower end of your spring and the metal part that the spring rests on.

The problem is that 1) and 2) are easy to find but 3), 4) and 5) are hard to find at a non-dealer website online. I priced all the above items at Lexus of Pembroke Pines website and its ~$370 for all parts. So you could either get everything from them, or if you can find 1) and 2) cheaper elsewhere, just get 3), 4) and 5) from Lexus of Pembroke Pines. In my experience they are the cheapest for Lexus parts online. Here is their website:


You are looking at almost the same cost for rear struts, so I would suggest not replacing them unless they are in a really bad shape and you are planning to keep the car for a long time.

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I don't believe it is covered by any kind of warranty.

What is the $850 price for? The strut mount is only like $50 or $60 and shouldn't cost more than $150 to in labor to replace both sides. My total cost for replacing front struts + mounts + labor was <$550

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wondering if there was ever an explanation on the high price to do the front struts & mounts? I'm in the same boat at the moment; seems I'm getting a high quote from someone who has been honest & reasonable in the past, compared to what the forums are telling me.

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