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  1. Why not get one of those power packs with USB charging ports instead and charge your phone that way? You can get these in Walmart, Costco etc. The bigger their battery, the more juice they will hold and can charge your iphone. The good ones can probably give you about 2 full charge cycles for an iphone.
  2. Most of your advice is good but I have to call out the "pump up the pressure" myth! Increasing tire pressure, even significantly is proven to have no effect on fuel economy:
  3. If your husband is a mechanic don't you think he's probably more qualified to answer this than most people here? IMO, it all depends on how long you intend to keep the car really. Fluid changes of any kind are relatively cheap insurance against failures. The "gasket" referred to by the maintenance manual is likely the very inexpensive rubber washer that seals the plug similar to ones on the oil drain plugs. And no, diff. fluid and gasket changes are not only a "Lexus" thing, a lot of 4WD cars recommend this just like transmission fluid change or engine oil change.
  4. This is called the "placebo effect". There is no way that switching to a K&N felt filter would give you a whopping 10% in MPG nor any noticeable increase in HP that a driver could discern and certainly never to the point of being anywhere near "phenomenal"increase etc. Go look up the dyno tests done with K&N filters vs. stock and see for yourself the results are either marginally better (in the range of %0.0X!) or actually worse than stock.
  5. IS250 2006 AWD w/140k miles Guys I went to my mechanic because my AC was blowing cold air at idle at a light, etc instead of heat. Also, fuel efficiency has been 17hwy. He said the coolant reservoir is completely empty and I have a radiator leak 1) Now, if the reservoir was completely empty, most likely it was empty for a while. I would thin the engine would blow up or at least I'll get a light on the dashboard but did not 2) Do I need to replace the entire radiator? The radiator with thermostat comes to $600 parts & labor Thanks
  6. Guys My 1st Gen IS250 heating is funny. On consistent speeds of 30+ mph, the heating works fine. However, below that it gives out cool air even with the highest heat setting. So if I'm driving for 30 mins with 30+ mph and then drop down to stop and go traffic, I only get cool air. Has anybody seen this? My mechanic says it's best to flush the antifreeze and neon, etc but I don't know if that's the problem since higher speeds it's no problem Thanks
  7. Guys My mechanic says the middle piece of the catalytic converter needs to be replaced since it has a leak on either side. Quoted me $2150. He said no aftermarket CATS are available for the IS250 but I found some on the web from Magnaflow and Catco Are these any good or totally unreliable? Has anybody got experience with them? Thanks!
  8. How about KYB Strut Plus? It is a complete assembly and very easy to install. It includes the GR-2 strut and all the hardware kashii mentioned. If it isn't listed for the ES300, you can use the part numbers they have for the Camry V6.
  9. Wrong. Your car sounds like California emissions. (but look under the hood to make sure) FOr California emissions, the Bank 1 pre-cat is bult into the Y-pipe (along with the main cat). Tha Bank 2 cat is built into the front exhaust manifold. (Federal non-California emisisons cars do not have pre-cats and a different main cat) I would suggest a direct-fit aftermarket converter. They run from $200-300 each online. Be careful though, as the cat for California emissions is different from the regular cat--it has the bank 1 pre-cat and is physically shorter than the non-California cat. I have had good luck with RockAuto. I think Walker is the OEM supplier of Toyota's exhaust for the 1MZ. Are you in California?
  10. Has anybody used this sport suspension kit? Part number 969075 for the 1994-96 Camry V6 (same as ES300) (part number 969080 is for 97-01 V6 Camry/ES300/Avalon) The going price is around $600
  11. Use quick struts. They include the spring, the mounts, which also go bad. Not to mention it will be easier to do, much less time and work (no spring compressor needed!) They only list rear struts for the V6 Camry and ES300, and they are very expensive. So instead, I plan on using the quick struts for the four-cylinder Camry (cheaper, more brands available too). I don't really think this will be a problem because I know that the 5S-FE is only about 10 lb lighter than the 1MZ-FE. eBay has all four for under $400, and Rock Auto has Raybestos brand quick struts for about $500 (for all four). Unfortunately KYB quick struts are only available for the XV20 third-gen ES300/fourth-gen Camry.
  12. When I bought the car it had been involved in an accident on the left side, and I can tell the kinda half-assed the repairs. I bought it because it is in fairly good mechanical shape and only cost me three digits. Anyway, my key doesn't work in the driver's door because they didn't switch the lock cylinders. So I have to lock and unlock it from the passengers side. When I open the drivers door after unlocking it, the dome light does not come on, nor does the light in the door. The locks and window switches on the drivers door *do* work, though. When I open the passenger door, the interior light comes on like it should, and the light inside the passenger door comes on, but not the drivers door. Also, after I shut the car off, the clock stays on! The clock is *always* running no matter what. Is this normal? Also, the headlights stay on after shutting the car off as well.
  13. Yes, the YZZD1 replaces the G1. The main difference seems to be that the new filter is made in Thailand rather than the US: Sometimes when they switch suppliers the part number changes very slightly.
  14. Does anybody know a place that has new leather (doesn't have to be real leather) for the shifter? I can find plenty of seat covers and steering wheels but none for the shifter!
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