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Rx300- What Maintenace Can I Do Myself?


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I have a 2003 RX300 with ~77K miles. I had the 60 K services done last year.

Can someone suggest what types of maintenance / preventive care I can do to my car on my own to help ensure smooth running? I use a local shop for oil changes every 5K, but other stuff like air filter or wiper blades I try to do myself. Are the other easy things that I can do myself?

Also- for US users- is there a recommended online place to buy parts? I need to buy some new air filters, wiper blades, cabin filters and have never ordered LExus parts before.

<I'm new to the forum, and aplogies if I didn't find the correct sticky>



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I've never ordered from them but http://www.parts.com/ usually has the lowest prices and others have said they were happy with their service.

Irontoad is another seller some people like. Search this forum for "Irontoad" and you might find an old thread with a list of on-line sellers.

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I've used Lexus of Pembroke Pines for parts and their prices are the lowest I've seen. They're located in Florida so I dunno how much the shipping cost would be for you. It's obviously best to buy in bulk to spread the cost of shipping. One thing to note, they don't pack very well...but I never received anything broken. The coolant jugs were bent at the cap, and other stuff was just free to move around inside the box. But other than that, they're great.

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