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Roof Rack, Brush Guards

jack g

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I'm looking for a source for off road style exterior accessories for my LX-450. In particular, a tubular roof rack and a front brush guard. Thanks

Donno, but FYI a lot of people refer to brush gaurds as "damage multipliers". Accidents that would normally only cause minor bumper damage, turn into busted grill work and crinkled hoods when you have those brush guards on.

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Good point. My primary interest is in a roof rack system. I've seen them routinely made from a tubular frame with rounded corners and smaller guage mesh floor. Thanks.

take a look at www.sleeoffroad.com - they have a wide variety of replacement front bumpers for the lx 450s and land cruisers.

they also had roof racks at one time...they may still offer them.

you might also try man-a-fre for the roof racks.

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