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  1. My mechanic has informed me my 97 LX 450 entire front end (diferencial out to wheels) is very tired. milage is 218000. He states to dismantle, evaluate parts, and rebuilt could be quite costly and i should look for a used or rebuilt front axle assembly. How can i search out my options for replacement front ends? Thanks
  2. Has anyone installed hub spacers to add a couple of inches to the vehicle's track? I see they readily available and relatively low cost. Are they stressfulon the axles or wheel assemblys? Thanks
  3. Good point. My primary interest is in a roof rack system. I've seen them routinely made from a tubular frame with rounded corners and smaller guage mesh floor. Thanks.
  4. I'm looking for a source for off road style exterior accessories for my LX-450. In particular, a tubular roof rack and a front brush guard. Thanks
  5. Thanks. What size are your Nittos?
  6. Time for new tires on my 97 LX 450. Have Michilen LTX P -275 70R 16 currently. Mainly on road driving, would like something "meaty-er" on this "meaty" truck. Any suggestions on brand and size?