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  1. welcome Maurice! I highly recommend the Factory Service Manual for your Lexus LX 450. If you can't track down the FSM for the 450, you can also use the FSM for the Toyota Land Cruiser for the same model year. The Chiltons/Haynes manuals are okay in a pinch, but have nowhere the amount of detail as what you'd get in the factory manuals. I have both the FSM and the Haynes manual and use the FSM the vast majority of the time. check out the 80s tech section of (here's the link: ) you'll find a FAQ section there with TONS of info for baselining your rig. There's info on the Mud site for ordering the FSM from Toyota if you want a copy. as for the actual owners manual, I believe you can still get a free hard-copy of the owners manual from Lexus from their site ( I ordered one a few years ago (which I still have on a shelf somewhere shrink-wrapped) from them. As I recall, I had to enter the VIN for my rig to get the manual.
  2. take a look at - they have a wide variety of replacement front bumpers for the lx 450s and land cruisers. they also had roof racks at one time...they may still offer them. you might also try man-a-fre for the roof racks.
  3. This link on how to modify the factory temp guage, has a good explanation of how to remove the instrument cluster. <_< link? what link?
  4. Diffs: Remove fill plug, then remove drain plug to let oil out, replace drain plug, pump new gear oil in, replace fill plug. righty tighty lefty loosy... not much to it. Trans: Remove drain plug to let fluid out, replace drain plug and add new fluid through tranny dip stick tube. If you're going to work on you rig, you need to invest a couple of bucks in a manual. Chiltons can be had for $20, it does a very good job of describing the procedures for most minor maintenance. If you want to go deeper the FSM is around $100. Although the drain and fills above are about as simple as it gets, there are tid-bits of information that I haven't listed which the manuals have (fill height, bolt torques, fluid specs etc..) Good Luck, Rookie Edit: the drain and fills above are for an LX450. You've listed LX470 as your car model, but you posted in the LX450 forum. Just a comment about the tranny fluid -- draining the pan only removes a portion of the fluid. I don't recall the exact amount...was it half? Anyhow, I do as Rookie states and drain the fluid from the pan (and refill via engine tube) every other time I do an engine oil change...which works out to be about every 12 to 15k miles. This way I know that my transmission fluid is always relatively fresh.
  5. 265/75-R16. They are slightly narrower, but about an inch taller than the stock tire I had on, so I got a little bit of lift to boot. come on's time you jumped up to the 285s :P
  6. all true...but let's not confuse matters... having the CDL switch and having lockers are two very different things. the CDL switch allows a driver to lock the center diff and DISENGAGE the ABS. Disengaging the ABS is pretty useful when diving on rough roads (i.e. corrugated "fire roads") at a fairly high speed -- it allows a driver to brake a whole lot better than with the ABS engaged.
  7. you can also get one from American Toyota in ABQ, NM.
  8. Pictures are here: so, you bought that one... congrats!
  9. here's a link on to a thread with a guy who fabbed some of these gears and is selling them pretty darned cheap -- as of Sept. 2008, they were $20 for a pair. click on this link
  10. Rookie's right -- it's the oil pressure gauge you're looking at. I don't know if it's still offered, but I was able to get a replacement owner's manual sent to me free of charge from the page. All I had to do was enter the VIN for my LX 450 and my address and they sent a replacement to me. somewhere in the "owners" section -- you should see the tab on the main page.
  11. you might check the classified section of lots of guys remove the running boards when they get sliders. check the parts-for-sale section or the parting-out section. or if you want something much beefier, you can look at getting some sliders from
  12. I've had to deal with many leaks from my exhaust system. None of them were more than a few hundred dollars -- the most expensive being for an entire cat-back exhaust system replacement. Find a reputable, independent exhaust shop and get an estimate for the repair. worst case, if you need a replacement bung for the O2 sensor, you can order one from here's the link to the page with the replacement O2 bung: the guys at American Toyota in ABQ, NM can help you with a great price on O2 sensors -- they'll ship the parts to you.
  13. Well Johnson Lexus has fixed it (I think.) The problem was that the striker was not fully engaging the latch in the front passenger door creating a random signal that the door was open. The computer took the signal and decided to lock or unlock all the doors as it saw fit. The mechanic could duplicate the random problem by just leaning on the passenger door while he was sitting in the car. The striker was adjusted and I could not duplicate the problem on the drive home :) I was going to suggest the striker...I had the same problem and the same solution resolved it. my doors would unlock on hard left hand turns and when I drove fast over bumpy roads. the dome light would flash as well as the "door ajar" light on the dash.