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Noise Coming Out Of Ac Vent


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Hi guys again thanks for all of your help and i appreciate it.Now i have another light problem when i am driving down the at the speed of 65MPH I will hear a noise coming out of the AC vent its sounds like whistle and higher speed i go the noisier it get.So i am suspecting some three leaves maybe but i don't know how check it or to clean it. Again thanks for your help i will appreciated.

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I suppose you could remove your HVAC fan/motor to see if there is any junk in it making noise. Attached is a diagram showing the fan/motor in a 92 SC400. You may have to remove an underdash panel to get to it.

There was once a sound like "playing cards in the spokes of a bicycle wheel" coming from the HVAC fan in the 90 LS I used to have. A repair shop pulled the HVAC fan/motor assembly out and removed the debris that was causing the noise.


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