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  1. What about the Miles? I am already at 168000 miles. Thank you for your response.
  2. I have a 2007 Is350 that the cat need to be replace.Since the cat is welded to the exhaust manifold. How difficult is to replace it? Anybody who had done it in the before or some information. What ever you can will be appreciate it. Thank you all.By the way it has 168k miles on it.
  3. I fix mine by replacing fuel pump control is located behind the driver's seat. Just remove the panel below the quarter glass window.You can buy one on ebay for about 60.00 bucks.
  4. Fuel pump ecu is going bad.Buy one from Ebay and you can do it yourself.Just as one member said It is located behind the driver seat below the quater glass.Pull the back seat bench,remove the panel and it is right there.
  5. Hi guys my power steering is not been working properly lately sometimes its get so hot i can turn specially at high time it happens i stopped the car and check the fluids and there is no bubles at all and the pump looks to be working normal but yet it is too hot to turn the wheel.So i appreciate all the help that i can get from all of you.Thanks.
  6. check the hose and for air leak if is not bleed the system.If problem not resolve you might have to replace the pump but let that be your last option.
  7. Ok guys i found the solution and it was because i did not set the timing belt correctly one cam ok but one was off by half tooth.It was a good learning experience but the hard way.So just be advise when you doing this job make sure you set the belt wright or it will cost you another eight hours labor.
  8. Hi, guys i changed my timing belt two days ago and after i finished started the car and it runs normal but the check engine light stayed on and i test it and is code 13 open cercuit rpm i drove the car and the RPM is not working normally. i will appreciate all the help i can get. thanks
  9. Hi, guys i am replacing my timing belt and i just want to confirm some steps about doing the job. According to repair manual i have to remove all eight spark plugs.Is it really necessary to do that? Thanks for all the help.
  10. Ok when the car is on ground and you steer left and right does it makes noise and spit out fluids?Or it is just not working at all.
  11. Ok i had almost the same problem but mine was when i slow down on the stop light the died and as soon as i turn the ignition off and restart it starts just fine after two week when the is hot it will start just cut off so what i use to do was start it and push gas pedal and it will stay on first somebody said it was the fuel pump i bought after market and it did not solve the problem and it was noisy so i when on and bought fuel pump ecu on ebay and it solve the problem is bit diffent but i am just telling you what i experience in the past.
  12. Ok before you send your cluster to lextech think twice.i send my cluster for them in july they claim it will take 3-5 days to get it fix i did not recieve my cluster after three weeks.and when i got it back i hated the day i ever thought about lextech because i got the cluster back with broken mountings and the job they did was terrible temp gauge was off,speed gauge was off by 7 gas gauge was off so i end up buying another cluster.when you go to their website the only positive reviews they have was date back to 2008 and 2009 so i don't really recomend them. When you search on ebay you will f
  13. Just for your knowledge if you go to the dealer known as stealer then you are in trouble. Now what you will do is first look up local auto salvages or junk yards in your area call them and find if they have any,and if they don't then see eBay and make sure you ask all the question you have before buying. Last make the eBay seller rating is at least 98%.good luck.
  14. you know what i believe in these and if your engine and transmission still good then is worth it. i replaced my bushing myself it is not an easy job,same thing with the engine mounts they are a pain in next.the only easy one was the transmission mount.The SC is not difficult to work on but it you don't take time to follow instructions exactly then you don't need to try because you will scrow up.Anyway how is it driving now?
  15. Thanks alot you are right because i can also feel a vibration when i brake at high speed and i know it is not something else because in past the steering wheel will shake thats when the mounts and shocks was bad but now is only coming from the front wheels so i assume it is the rotors i don't thing they were been replaced i will just go ahead and replace the entire thing rotors and pads and will let you know.Thanks
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