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Is There A Secret In Removing The Rear Panel To Change A Brake Light O


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Update - nevermind.... I was able to aggressively pull out the tab on the side that I needed access and was able to change the bulb. What a design. ;) At least ALL of my taillights and brake lights are working again. I also discovered that the first aid kit still housed all of the original items... even burn cream that expired 10/93. :)

Changed the "inside" brake light (near the backup light) with no problem, but according to the owners manual the rear panel lining the back of the trunk has to come off to change the outermost lights and turn signal, but I cant get the tabs to come out. One almost broke when I tried to pull it out... the outer part of it was ripping away from the insert. How in the heck do these come off, or do you have to rip the dang things off? NONE of them want to pull out. :rolleyes:

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