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Vdc Chime?

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Just starting getting snowy, icy conditions here. Car has Michelin Pilot Alpins, which are working quite well. Had to try really hard to get the vehicle to break loose, however, when it did, I saw the VDC/traction light (the little car with the squiggly lines behind it) light up on the dash, but there was no warning chime. I thought there was supposed to be one. Can anyone confirm if there should be a chime?


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Drive harder and crazier and you'll hear the "chime". If you want to "play" with the system and really hear the chime, take your car to an empty, icy/snowy parking lot (with NO light standards) and drive in a circle until you "lose control".

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There are times when the light comes on without the chime, and other times when the light comes on with the chime. Depends on how hard it's working.

Either case means it's working though.

I find it doesn't kick in as often and as easily as it did with my Rx300 though...

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