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Is F In The Snow

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I drove my new IS F in snow for the first time today and it handled great despite my concerns. I bought new 18" wheels with 225/45/18 Bridgestone snow tires from Tire Rack and mounted them last week. I live in northern New Jersey and we got about 3" of snow overnight. I used the "snow" setting which skips 1st gear and changes your shift points and had no issues at all. I even went up a long winding 20 to 25 degree hill with no loss of traction, sliding, or slipping at all. Obviously it is not the perfect winter vehicle, but damn, it is pretty good. I intend to use my all winter. If you can not afford an IS F as a summer only vehicle, do not let winter driving keep you from getting one. I absolutely love* mine!


* with the exception of my Mark Levinson audio system. The sound quality sucks and I am taking it back to the dealer to have them look at it tomorrow. I get almost no sound from any speaker other than the large center speaker on the dash. I am thinking that the dealer (or some shop he used) screwed it up when they installed the XM receiver.

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Well guys, I just sold my IS-F and bought a 2011 RX-350. Guess I am starting to show my age. It sure isn't as much fun to drive, but loads of room for my fishing gears, golf clubs, and Home Depot purchases. I got a great trade in on the IS-F from my local dealer, but he did not need the sow tire package I described in my original post.

I have a set of 225/45/18 Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 performance snow tires mounted on Elbrus 106 Silver Machined wheels complete with Tire Pressure Sensors. I have them stored in Tire Rack Totes with Kurga Wheel Felts. I put approximately 5,000 miles on them. Anyone have an idea how I should price them on eBay?



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No.. When I purchased my new IS-F in 2008, it was "the only one the dealer was able to get"... and it was recommended that I load it with every Lexus option.. including 'special' wheels (almost 4K) ... When I brought it into a snow tire expert, the guy said that he wouldn't mess with the 'special wheel package' so I don't use it on icy or snow covered streets...

BTW, aside from the Paul Levinson sound and Nav. system, the dealer said that he got a message from Lexus corporate and warned that the IS-F was very high on the list of 'wanted' special cars to be stolen and shipped overseas...so they talked me into installing a "Lojac" stolen vehicle tracking system and a secret 'hidden' K-40 front/rear radar detector... I got tired of the constant "K-Band/Xband messages and shut it off years ago... Other than a quick 'burst' which lasts a few seconds, I drive it very conservatively... rarely over the speed limit.. but I am an acceleration junkie... My 1987 Buick Grand National GNX could burn up a new set of rear tires in about 40 seconds...My friends would always plead with me to 'smoke up their street' when I was leaving..... and that GNX easily could. I enjoy driving my IS-F 'sleeper' more than my Porsche 911.

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