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Charging System


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I have a 93 LS400 2 weeks ago dash light came on and battery was not charging. I live in Sacramento, CA and no one including Lexus dealership had a new alternator on hand I find that amazing, anyway I removed the alternator and took it to a local rebuild shop they rebuilt it for me and I installed it along with a new battery. I checked it with a volt meter not running 12.6V, running 14.4V test drove car and re-checked with same results 2 days later dash light came on again and battery discharged. I charged battery overnight so I could troubleshoot the problem when I checked voltage with engine running the next morning it was putting out the proper 14.4V I put a load on it by turning on headlights and it quit charging again. I turned off lights still no charge at battery, stoped and restarted several times and will not put out voltage. I am pulling out my hair at this point it seems to be heat related as it is putting out a charge when first started and then dropping to 12V after a few minutes. I removed the alternator again and took it to the local Kragen, and autozone both of them said it is good however there test is only a few seconds and I allready know it will work for a few minutes. has anyone ever experienced this type of thing before? any help would be appreciated at this point I will have to order a new alternator and see if that corrects the problem. Does anyone know of any checks I could perform while the alternator is out of the car such as wiring or relays ETC?

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a tough one; no experience with this--but you may consider going back to the rebuild shop[did just have a new rotor and brush assy installed in mine]; find out if they installed a new regulator; this is a circuit board and may be opening when hot.

The shop should have a motorized tester; they could hook up a load and used a heat gun (if needed) on the alternator to simulate your condition. Might find something. They shouldn't charge much(in any) since you just got it repaired there.

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