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Higher Idle After Serpentine Belt Replaced


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Ever since the dealer replaced the serpentine belt the car seems to idle higher with increased engine noise.

Before this your could barely hear the engine running. When the a/c was on the noise would pick-up a bit but nothing like it sounds now.

Anyone had a similar experience/fix?


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to replace the serpentine belt, they had to move the electronic idle controller out the way. they may have positioned it wrong, it's in front of the intake manifold and looks like a circular plug. has 2 screws, unscrew them and turn it the furthest right as you can then screw it back in place.

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When I installed a new serpentine belt on my SC I didn't have to move anything out of the way. I just took the tension off the idler pully with a breaker bar and socket, removed the old belt and installed the new one. It took about 3 minutes!!


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