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Collinite Shine - Love The Remix

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Hey guys,

Took advantage of a 50 degree day in KC (before the bottom falls out again) and washed the LS. First wash in 2-3 weeks after I applied the Collinite (2 coats). We've been lucky in that no nasy weather has hit KC during this time.

Well, she washed easier - california bladed easier - and MF toweled slicker than ever before. I'm very pleased with the shine. Even the rims look good and shiny!'

Anyway, wanted to thank all of you guys for the tips in our great forum! I pulled the LS in the garage and I think I'll put another coat on it tonight just for the fun of it :D

Like VB has said - you can "feel the smoothness".....


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I had been using Mequires, just did the hood and top (SC400) with Collinite. Amazing finish and the shine looks even deeper (Pearl White). The pearl seems to pop out even more.

I'll use it on the SC430 next.

What about some of their other products. They seem to have several, any recommendations?


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They do make a tire detailing compound.....

Here's where i got my 476s past wax:


VBDenny uses the 845 Insulator (liquid) and loves it. I'll give that a try over summer.

I saw another website @ thebestwax.com

BTW - do you have some pics of the SC430! What a great combo to have! I take it you've enjoyed (and maintenanced) the 300 enough to inspire the 430 purchase.

Thanks for the response...I'm converted too :D


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My brother an I bought a case (12) of Collinite #476 Insulator Wax for $120 including shipping. Go to Collinites site and look up the distributor nearest you. I couldn't be happier since I started using it. I have been driving my Caprice around in all the snow and crap and it still looks shinny. Even the snow rools right off with just a little brush.

I also use the collinite on my washer, dryer, and bathrooms sinks. I even did the ceramic tile. I put the stuff on anything like that. works great on glass. I put it on all the windows of my car except the windshield where I use rain-x.

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