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Lexus 2000 Gs400

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Hey Lexdiamonds, I'm kinda new to the Import field, I have always owned Mustangs in my life, but from what I've seen and heard these cars are made very well. I bought my 99 GS400 with 45,000 miles on it, it was a one owner leased car. Knock on wood I have been extremely happy with it and would think long and hard before buying another American car.

Just my .02 cents

Hope this helps

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Where are you? Short trip, long trip? All city, all Freeway? What was the cars life like, up to now?

My '98 GS400 has 96,000 mi. and hasn't required anything other then 3,000 mi. oil changes, and just recently a new Battery. The brake pads and rotors are even original. This car is based

in Eugene, Oregon and is 85% road miles, including 3 trips to the East Coast.

A 98 based in L.A. or NYC would probably be a different animal.

If it meets all your usage criteria, and only has 45,000 mi, and wasn't a N.Y. Taxi, price is right.

then go for it! Good luck.......Jetstream - Quickest Way Across the USA!

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