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This may not be the right place for this and it may be a little nitpicky, but there are alot of posters that seem to like to copy quotes into their posts. It's great when a reply is deep in the thread and you copy a short excerpt of someones post to make your point. But, when you are the first reply, why Quote the complete post from the entry above your's into your post? It's a little redundant and as more and more people do this, it makes the threads very long. It makes for alot of scrolling as well.

Just a thought to make you go "WHUMMMM"!


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It is really not a problem to scroll through what is already read. Not a big deal on space concerns either except for users with small screens. It is not an unreasonable request by any means though. I'll bump this over to general discussions and we can comment as necessary. No skin off my teeth.

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in the thread you want to quote, go to the panel of the post of the person you wish to quote. click on the word "Quote" in the upper right corner of their panel.

You will be taken to a NEWREPLY box that has a window displaying their entire post. You then delete the stuff that you don't want to quote and keep only the parts of their post that you want to keep. Then move to the reply box and type in your text.

The quote statement will automatically be applied to your post when you submit your post.

follow me? :blink::wacko:


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