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Maintenance Drawings


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Does anyone have maintenance drawings of the drivers side door for a 92 LS 400 that can be emailed to me. I am trying to see how the door handle mechanism works and is assembled. Mine is broken, hinge points i think but need to see it to fix it.

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Attached is a picture of the handle with some JB Weld on the broken piece. The JB Weld, as pictured, only lasted for a couple of weeks. I intend to take it out again and try a reinforced approach.

Removal is not TOO hard, but the rear bolt is time-consuming to get out as it can only be turned 1/8-1/4 turn at a time. My hands are pretty large, so it was a tight fit. I don't know if it's any easier if your hands are small-ish.

Don't be fooled into taking out the bolt that holds the lock in place...it's not necessary to remove...just a waste of time.



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