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Sudden Death On Acceleration


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93LS400, 159K mi.

Clean throttle body, had a full tune up less than 15K miles ago.

Runs, really really well.

Week ago the brake light warning light came on, then was gone after the next start-up. This may not be relevant.

This morning it felt a little slow pulling away from the curb after I started it up. Drove fine otw to work, 10miles.

Going to lunch from a stop it just died. No warning. Dead. Started back up immediately from neutral, drove 500 yards, did it again.

Plan to take it to the mechanic but did research here. Found plenty of ECM talk on the 94 and up models but they centered on dying on decel, not my case. My RPMs do dip when the AC is turned off but never enough to shut the engine down. Of course too, we're talking abou acceleration.

Any ideas on what to look for?

Thanks in advance.

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Check the battery terminals 1st.

Then check the wiring loom along the left trunk hinge as this causes a multitude of problems ( there are plenty of topics on this)

Thanks. Checked terminals today and checked the wiring loom a couple years ago when I had brake light warning light come on and replaced a brake bulb--bulb was not out but looked shorted.

Car drove 10 miles home fine.

Remebered I came off a curb hard just the other day. Maybe I knocked something loose but will make appt w/ shop.

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