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Warnings on RX350

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2012 RX350, while driving if I hit a bump, warning light "rear door open" and" key detected in vehicle" comes on and beeps constantly. It may or may not stop if I hit another bump!

Lexus dealer states they cannot fix?? Said they fixed the "key detected in vehicle" by replacing battery in remote key... NO.. did not fix the problem. Said the rear hatch is not closing right it should not be a 2step process..No.. not true the hatch has closed the same way since day 1.. check with other Lexus  owners of same model and theirs closes the same way?

I am weary of Lexus? 

Any info would be appreciated ?

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Hi Donna,

Sounds like it is a faulty door switch or loose connection onto one of them.

A good auto electrician should be able to find it easily by 'wiggling' each switch contact and see if the interior light comes on or goes off.

Shouldn't take long to find the fault

Regards   Trevor

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After reading 100's of posts and finally going on a 45 minute drive with constant alternating ".  Key detected in vehicle"  warning alternating with "rear door open" warnings and 45 minutes of constant beeping.  I knew I had to come to a conclusion.   Either find a fix, or drive the vehicle over a cliff.
  I searched 100's of posts of people spending money, time, and energy at the dealer attempting to  find a fix with very little luck among any of the posters.
.  I ended up fixing the problem for 48 cents.
.  I was unable to find the original post that recommended this , so that I could thank the person  that came up with this idea, but I will pass it on.
 First, I took electronic spray cleaner and thoroughly sprayed the inside of the rear hatch door latch.  There is a small rectangular carpeted cover the can be easily removed with a flathead screw driver to allow you to spray into the latch itself.  This definitely improved, but did not fix the problem.   You can get electronic contact spray cleaner at Walmart or RadioShack.
  You then need to buy 1/4 inch lock washers.  This cost me 48 cents.
 Open the rear hatch door, and on both sides of the bottom of the door you will see, rubber bumpers sticking out from the door.
 Look down by the rear bumper where those rubber bumpers hit when the door is closed.
  With a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the rubber washers down near the rear bumper.
 Place two lock washers under each of the rubber washers to help raise them up and screw them back into place.
  I have driven over speed bumps, I have gone over a curb and no alarms have gone off.  Prior to this fix I could not hit a pebble in the street without an alarm going off.    For a year,  I have been dealing with this problem and it only took 48 cents to fix it


Lexus 1.jpg

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Posted (edited)

I have been driving around for a whole year with this same problem....and with mine, the door open light on my Lexus RX350 continually says the hatchback is open, even though it is closed and latched.  I will try this fix and let you know if it works.  If it does....I greatly appreciate this post and I thank YOU in advance.

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