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  1. Broken body to motor ground. All good now.
  2. It ended up being a broken body to motor ground.
  3. Found where the connection goes, it connects to a transmission to motor mounting bolt just to the right of below the starter!! Will update if this fixes dash board problems.
  4. Unfortunately this is talking about the passenger side of the car with the alternator Wich has its own body to motor grounding cable, one goes to back of the intake and the other next to the top coolant hose intake for the motor. Definitely need a photo of someone else's set up.
  5. Ya I found one of grounds just hanging but can't find where it connects to.
  6. Found these two wires coming from one bolt on the driver side fender of the engine bay. One goes to the top, Wich I'm pointing at and the other I don't know?, Does anyone have a photo of these. Or there own car they could point me into the rite direction for these wires.
  7. Update:. I found one of the ground wires from the body to motor is broken off but I have no idea where it connects.
  8. Can anyone tell me where these two wires go. One is top of motor by the cleaner box but the other is broken so idk where?
  9. I had the alternator bench tested and it passed and reinstalled to be sure everything was correct cause I noticed the alternator flexing at the bracket. When it first starts up it runs fine I can rev it up and all even start to drive if I shot from N to D or R, but as soon as I touch the brake or hit a small bump it shuts down and my dash goes dark sometimes it resets when I cycle the key off and on and sometimes it stays black until I unhook the battery and rehook it up, then it works fine again until I go to move it and touch the break
  10. Car runs but as soon as I touch the brake my dash goes dark or it runs long enough to hit a bump and it dies, as if a wire short is happening, any ideas? Battery and alternator are just fine.
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