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  1. I just got back from a 3 hour trip, parked my RX350, went to use it a half hour later and the battery was stone dead. Had to jump it. This has happened 2 times now. Has anyone had this problem?
  2. Does everyone use premium gas in their LX 350's? If you use regular, have you had any issues because of it?
  3. Not one of the factory remote starts that I have used work as well as the after market ones. My RX 350 came equipped with the factory remote start and I replaced with an Astrostart brand. Now it works like it should and I can start it from my smart phone.
  4. Just reported it to the NHTSA as it is a safety issue especially where there is snow, salt and other chemicals used to keep the roads safe. So the roads are safe, but I feel I am not. Thanks all for your comments!!
  5. Thanks. I am aware that I can turn of the Auto Climate Control and avoid the cold air blowing in my face when it is 20 below outside. However I don't see why I should have to do that to avoid a design issue of the Lexus. In fact there are many design issues with the RX350 that many people don't care to acknowledge. It seems that there is a cult like following of Lexus owners. The cult (public) has been lead to believe that a Lexus is the perfect automobile. It is in fact far from that.
  6. Does anyone have any complaints about the Auto Climate Control System? In cold weather it over warms and then blows cold air out the center vents to cool it down.
  7. Does anyone have a fix for the poorly designed windshield washers on the 2010 RX350? Washer fluid does not reach the top of windshield at high speeds or high winds. Dealer says this is normal.
  8. Thank you Tom for the education and heads up. I can appreciate your point of view and reluctance to use your dealer. If I follow your logic, we are all doomed and new warranties are basically worthless if the dealer and Lexus only do things in their best interest and not in ours. It would then follow that you are stuck with an RX that pulls to the left/right unless you can fix it yourself. This has Not been my experience with my dealer on either of my Lexus ES"s. In fact my dealer has consistently went over and above what was necessary to solve my problems and have given me numerous services at no or little charge just to be accommodating. I am more than happy to pay a little more for dealer prices because they have proved themselves honest, trustworthy, and competent over and over again. From reading this forum I know that not everyone has shared this experience. Maybe you have a bad dealer. If so I would encourage you to contact Lexus directly and let them know whats going on. If I'm all wet here, I hope someone else will chime in and give there educated experience. In any case, I hope you can get your problem resolved and enjoy driving a great car. Cheers! Paul
  9. Paul, There are many reasons that I don’t take it to the dealer for something like this. a) I have worked for dealerships for 36 years and I know what goes on there. I have found that many dealerships will not make adjustments that may help because they will not veer from the standard specifications, even if that might help the owner. B) I am not concerned about the warranty being voided as I know that the factory can’t simply void a warranty. It’s not that simple, the laws are on the consumer’s side. c) As far as things costing big bucks, that is true if you use the dealership as your only source for parts and service. Here are a few examples; the dealer wanted $2300.00 to change the rims to chrome. I use the same source they do and it cost me $1300.00. The dealers also wanted $1100.00 for the 3M film for the front end. I had it done by a professional 3M installer, it cost me $450.00. The dealer wanted $399.00 for some side moldings, it cost me $99.00 installed. Hope that helps. Tom
  10. I just purchased a new 2010 RX 350. I find it very difficult to keep on the road. I attempted to adjust the caster, but there seems to be no way to adjust it. I have driven it 2000 miles. Will I ever get used to the steering being so touchy?
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