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My wife drained the battery yesterday in my 92-SC400, she started then turned off the car (to warm it up, its -20 F here these days) with the Valet Remote, she did this from inside her office and didn't notice that the headlights stay on when we do it this way, so down went the battery. I jumped started it with my old 87-Celica and now the battery seems strong again,..thanks God.

The only problem now is that my remote starter doesn't work anymore, i got a new battery for the transmitter on the key chain and the little green light goes on but nothing happens with the car.

Does it need to be reprogrammed in some way since the battery drained to 0 ??? I also have a stock theft deterrant system that works with a little switch on the keys and that is all O.K.

I just can't get the car to start with the remote. I read the Valet user manual but theres not much in there.

Any clues would be very appreciated,

Thanks everyone,


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first this is in the LS section so i will move it to the SC one

second it has nothing to do with lexus as they do not make remote starters

third you did not mention which starter/alarm you have

fourth where did you get the remote starter?

what other info do you have on this alarm?

is there any small fuse holders beside the battery?

if it is a older clifford they have relay s that need to be de energized before they will release the alarm when the power dies

look for the fuse along a seperate non lexus wiring harness and pop it in and out

tthe lights will blink

close the hood and the remotes should work again

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Thanks SK to put me back on track,

I'm a new member here and a new Lexus owner, bought it last fall, it was love at first sight.., I tought that the remote came with every new canadian 92-SC's. the brand name of the remote is VALET. I also have a keyless entry to lock and unlock the doors with a little button switch on the keys, this button also enable/disables the theft deterrant system. The remote starter only starts/stops the car, it's not wired to anything else.

I will try to locate the fuse or relay as you suggested if the weather gets a bit hotter. i'll keep you informed. thanks again.

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