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Questions About Is

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Hey guys,

I think I'm going to buy IS350 or maybe lease. (still gotta think..I like to change cars every 3 years)

What is that you dont really like about your IS?

How often do you have to replace tires, brakes and rotors?

Is cabin loud? I heard that it's quite.. I only drove 250 (didnt much like it..it was slow) a year ago and I think dealer had something wrong with the car cause every time I press the brakes the whole hood would shake and vibrate (nice show unit huh??)

Anyways. Any head ups would be beneficial.

If you guys recently leased IS350 how much did you pay?

Thanks in advance.

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I'd NEVER lease. If you get into a financial problem it is harder to get out of that if you finance. Just my opinion. If you've got the money and good credit, just finance for 3 years then that is a great down payment for your next car. Should be worth around 25k after 3 years.

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