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Did You Know Your Vehicle And Your Driving Is


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That is right ,after seeing a news program in Canada all 97 and newer vehicles with the so called second generation airbag modules is a data recorder. Just like a black box in an airaplane just not as sophisticated to measure everything the car and driver is doing.

It can be dowloaded after a crash to determine if :

you were using the brakes

throttle position



and when the airbags actually depolyed

seatbelt and a couple of other things

this can be downloaded by investigators to see what really happened when a car crashed in regards to you saying what speed you were doing in truth.

This affects all north american vehicles not just the canadian ones which the broadcast came from

it is being headed up by a X police officer from california who does seminars for the insurance and police industry in resolving traffic accidents

He says you have no intention of privacy when driving down the road so it should be no problem to record the data under privacy laws.

Also mentions it is in everyones vehicles owners manual ,when the dealers of gm were asked to point it out ,it only mentions that the vehicle has a computer monitoring systems for the srs systems not that it can be dowloaded for additional uses after a crash,they have since changed the owners manual to state it more clearly. They even called dealers and asked sales reps and none of them even knew it was in the cars capabilities.

How nice of big brother to step in and not tell anyone ,as usual.

But i guess if you are driving properly and beying all laws then there is nothing to worry about..........right?

as my friend who is a cop always says

"their are always 3 sides to the truth"

"your side"

"their side "

"and the truth"

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