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Key Problem

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Hey everyone i am having an issue with my key. i dropped it and the black plastic area has a big crack and it seperated...the lock mechanism is pushed well within the key and cannot be used anymore. i went to the lexus dealer to ask about getting a SIMPLE new key....they say yeah sure 218 dollars will get me a new key...= [ what could i possibly do? i have to unlock and lock my car with the side door lock amd its just annoying to carry around a broken key.

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I would try an ebay key specifically for the SC400.

I think you can seperate the new key and use the plastic portion with your existing old metal portion of the key.

It has been a while since I looked at the internals of the SC400 key so you should get a second opinion, ask dealer etc..

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I'm having a key issue as well. yes, i purchased my Lex from a used lot and they provided me with only one key. Needless to say, it's not the one accompanied by a remote. more than likely, you will have to go to the local or nearest dealership and get another laser cut key. Yes the key will cost around $218.00 . After that, I didn't even care to ask how much for the remote and how much to reprogram the remote. thats 3 different off the wall prices to deal with. Especially when you know it doesn't cost them that much in material to make these simple little devices. <_<

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