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Best Ls 95-99?


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Dear Sirs,

I am about to buy my first "pre-owned" LS. Does anyone have any comments on what they feel are the best years from 1995-1999?

In addition at what mileage should the timing belt be replaced?? Are there any electrical gremlins I should be aware of. I am buying a Lexus because I am FEDUP with my Mercedes climate control or lack of I should say.

Also I really like the wood trim steering wheel that I see with some models. Is there an aftermarket kit that I could buy to put that on along with the shift knob if I buy a car without it?

I look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Thank you in advance

Paul Hargraves

Los Angeles

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I would look for one with HID for sure, after 98 I think.

And if you think the MB climate control is whacko you ain't seen nuthin yet.

In the "south" the Lexus is highly subject to mould and mildew odours.

In the north, sudden windshield fogging.

Switches to cooling mode automatically on the coldest night in the dead of winter.

NOTE: If you're not discomforted by the cool and dry airflow into your face in this mode you very soon might be by the lack of no forward visibility. In cooling mode no airflow, NONE, is "leaked" to the interior surface of the windshield to keep it above dewpoint.

Uses the A/C's dehumidifcation capability EXCLUSIVELY, NO HEATED AIRFLOW (chilled actually) for defogging/demisting the windows and windshield, even below the outside air temperatures at which the system itself disables the A/C completely.

Keep a dry towell nearby during cool and humid weather for clearing the windshield.

Lexus ships the product with the A/C evaporator "stuffed" with an anti-microbial chemical (do you have allergies?) which leaches out by 20,000 to 30,000 miles and some dealers will willingly replace it at that point and some will pretend ignorance.

Once the chemical leaches out the car will be even more subject to sudden windshield fogging due to the ability of the chemical holding medium, porus nylon coating, to retain and even greater level of moisture.

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Also just for the record, I never experienced any issues like that on my father's 98, so maybe on the newer cars they fixed the problem.

I would definately spring for a 98-00 they made a lot of changes to the car and IMHO they all make a car that still today looks pretty fresh and modern. You can read all of the changes year to year on in the Certified Pre-Owned section. A 98 can be had with low miles at a great price. My dad had his 98 for 150,000 trouble free miles before he traded it on an 04.

Welcome to the LOC!

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