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  1. Hi, I have a 1996 LS 400 in Los Angeles 210,000 miles the car runs great! My problem is the air conditioning blows with a very low volume of air. I have replace the cabin filter with no improvement. Any ideas?? Any estimate what it should cost to be fixed?
  2. HI! I have a 1996 LS 400 with 210,000 miles. The car is a dream. Over the last year or so the AC blower has gotten progressively weaker. The air is cold but the volume of air pumped out is very low. Any thoughts what it will cost to repair?? Thank you! Paul Hargraves Los Angeles
  3. As he said, WITH navigation. So if yours does not have navigation, no. Thank you for the clarification! It does have Navigation. Sincerely, Paul
  4. Guru, Thanks for the timely reply. Just to clarify. Are you saying Bluetooth was STANDARD on all 2004 LS? If not do the aftermarket Bluetooth Kits work like the factory installed, by muting the stereo when a call comes in? Thank you in advance. Paul
  5. Hi I replaced the PS unit on my 96 LS with an aftermarket it has lasted 3 years. It needs to be replaced again!! Oh well Good Luck! Paul
  6. Hi!! Im looking at a 2004 LS. Can the dealer install Bluetooth on a 2004 LS? Sincerely, Paul Hargraves
  7. Dear Wanda, You would be better off buying a car with higher mileage around 75-80,000 These cars will go for 250,000 miles easily so you are paying a PREMIUM for such low miles. Does your 1997 at 121,000 miles feel like its falling apart?? Also try not to buy from snowy cold states as they tend to salt the roads that can lead to rust
  8. Blake I hear you. I have owned 2 Mercedes before the LS the headroom is BETTER but I assure that the mechanicals are TERRIBLE ok not terrible just much much inferior. My good friend owns an S Class that I have driven many times. The size is much better but the ride and quality are much inferior. Just my 2 cents. Aaaaaaaaargh I wish these damm LS's would get BIGGER!
  9. Im a tall guy 6'5" and I barely fit in my 1996 LS 400. I am very interested in a newer 2002 LS 430 can anyone tell me if the interior dimensions are the same or different. I recall driving a newer one 2 years ago and it seemed shorter. Can anyone verify this? Thank YOU!
  10. Dear Sirs, I have had my "new" 1996 LS 400 for about 1 month now and I am in HEAVEN. I LOVE THIS CAR. One thing I dont love is the "gold package" Someone here on this board posted a message about a dealer they knew who was selling emblems, wheel centers etc. at a discount If you know who I can call to buy these I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Paul Hargraves 818.346.7362 x255
  11. Gentlemen, I am hoping someone can help me. I have a 1996 LS 400 and am going to have the oil and transmission fluids changed. What weight or type do I need? Also I would prefer to use Mobil 1 or a comparable synthetic. My email is
  12. Woo Hoo!! I dumped my E class Mercedes for my "new" 1996 LS 400. WOW!!! WOW!! WOW!! I took 5 to 6 weeks to find my LS. It was a 1 owner with 93,000 miles that I found online through The car was approximately 50 miles from my home. I had it prechecked by a AAA certified mechanic and then ran its history through and paid $13,500. My question is how can I find out when I should have the timing belt replaced?? Sincerely, Paul Hargraves
  13. Dear Sirs, As I noted in my first post I am going to be buying my first "pre-owned" Lexus LS. I would like to know what is the expected engine life of an LS model 150Kmi, 200Kmi, 250Kmi?? Are any of the years 95-99 better than others?? When should I expect to have to replace the transmission? 150Kmi etc?? Are any of the years 95-99 better than others?? Thank you in advance Paul Hargraves
  14. Dear Sirs, I am about to buy my first "pre-owned" LS. Does anyone have any comments on what they feel are the best years from 1995-1999? In addition at what mileage should the timing belt be replaced?? Are there any electrical gremlins I should be aware of. I am buying a Lexus because I am FEDUP with my Mercedes climate control or lack of I should say. Also I really like the wood trim steering wheel that I see with some models. Is there an aftermarket kit that I could buy to put that on along with the shift knob if I buy a car without it? I look forward to sharing this experience with
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