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Firing Order


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The caps will have the numbers already on them to designate what wires are which.

As to which cylinder each one goes to, you should just make a quick note of the locations on a piece of paper before starting the install. All the wires are numbered as well. Not too hard to figure out once looking at the whole picture (wires, caps, cylinder locations).

The only trouble spot I had was removing the timing belt covers. They were kinda tricky for me because I did want to remove the accessory belt or radiator hoses. Wound up moving the hoses anyway.

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thanks for response! Yes, I know there are numbering on the distributor but I just wanted to double check myself with the hardcopy diagram, because my car is different at start up now. I used to hit at 1800 rpm at start up then beginning to drops to 600rpm after 3 mins ,but now, it start up at 900-1100 rpm. This is a big different, I am sure that plug these wires in the right place that's why I am asking for diagram. I thought there are may be I cross wiring this causes the engine to run will at low rpm at startup.

Right now the car ECU is relearn everything since I reset the battery cable. How do we know all cylinders are running properly? Anyway to check that?

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1800 fast idle is VERY high. I believe it should be more like what you are observing the 1200 range.

The classic way to tell if a cylinder is operating is to remove the spark and see if there's any difference between when it was connected and when it was disconnected. (I don't know if it's possible to easily access the wires when the engine is "runnable"....I haven't done anything with spark plugs/wires/distributor yet)

It sounds to me like you need to just get it down to a mechanic and let them put it on the diagnostic machine. You will waste more time and money guessing at the problem and replacing things that don't need to be replaced.


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