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Two Big Red X's


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Hi Guys!! :)

As usual - I often surf the net for ANY info on the LS400 - especially the 1993 version!! At the MSN site - I was surprised by a couple of things. Two 'problems' to watch out for [when buying a used 1990 to 1994 LS] are a big enough concern [for those at MSN] to warrant big red 'X's. [which implies 'significant problems'] The first of which is the 'speed sensor on the transmission' and the second are the Strut Bar Cushions. And that's it. Now really - do either of those 'things' warrant two big scary 'X's?!

Also - have many of you had to deal with the two above mentioned 'problems'?

Click on the link to read the MSN page for yourself. [if you like]

MSN 1993 LS400 PAGE

Craig!! :)

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I looked at the MSN site. I have not heard anyone mention about the transmission speed sensor. I might have replaced the strut cushions but I'm not sure what they are. I think they are referring to the rubber bushing that attach them. I also haven't seen labor at $65/hr.

Interesting site though.

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I think the local repairs guys I've talked to called them:

strut rod bushings - so it is probably the same thing. They did mention they were prone to wear around 70K miles. Also the lower ball joints would be in combination with them. Just the nature of the care though - to get this kind of ride. They did not view it as a "defect" ; just a high wearing item integrated with the design

This independent Lexus shop told me and believes Lexus has done a better job with the 98+ models on the suspension over the older LS's. They improved the quality and DURABILITY of the suspension. We'll See...

My buddy who got me hooked on the LS had a 93 first & had NO PROBLEMS. In 1999 or 2000 , He got FRONT SIDED and totalled the car....Air Bags Deployed and all - So he found a 97 Coach Edition. It was after 80K that he had the suspension fixed for these "problems". The car would just "bottom out" if he hit a pothole. Anyway, they did both sides and it was TIGHT & PERFECT AGAIN.

He never had any Transmission problems with either car..


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If you take a look at my post in the SC400 section called "Tokico shocks/springs ..." you will see that I mention isolators. These are the rubber pads that sit on top of the springs isolating the spring from the body of the car. Here's a picture of the front left spring/shock (strut) assembly. You can see the "isolator" between the top of the spring and the strut-body mounting plate. My SC had about 58.5K miles on it when I did the installation and the isolators were very worn (the back boots were torn in a number of places). My guess is that these are the "strut bar cushions" that you're talking about since there aren't any cushions anywhere else!!


They cost about $30 each from the dealership. As for the MSN reliability report, I wish they'd provide information on how many cars they're basing the report on. Most people that bother to fill out a reliability form do so because something has broken or failed on their car ... if your car is running well you don't go in search of information on the net and hence you don't fill out a "complaint" form.


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