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Need Help Changing Turn Signal Bulb

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I have a 1992 Lexus SC400, my brother passed it on without the owners manual. My right turn signal went out, i have the bulb, but don't know how to replace it. If someone could help me out and give me some directions on replacing it that would be excellent, thanks.

pretty simple... all you have to do is turn the wheel to the side an unscrew the splash gaurd, then you should be able to just reach up in there an change it, the fixture has to be turned to remove it from the housing.

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lexusridinhot16, the headlight turn signal is located in front of the air filter box the red dot in the picture. Its a tight fit, if you have big hands? Get hold of the fixture and turn counter clockwise, its a slight turn pull out casing and bulb.


To change the fog light the following is required:

the way I changed the foglight bulb was:

first time doing this job: Jack & take the front wheel off (optional but it will make the job easier to complete)

1. Take a few of the bolt to the front fenders' splashguard off, pull the splash gaurd back and wedge it against the front tire. Making sure the tire is pointing in the direction of engine bay. This wll give you access to the fog light casing.

2. The foglight will be enclosed, with a circular plastic cap. Turn it counter clock-wise to open the casing.

3. This will give you access to the bulb and socket. In the casing is a white plastic, the bulbs wire fits snug into the socket. I had to wiggle and tug, until I disconnected the wire.

4. Note there is a clasp holding the bulb in place do not open the clasp. Disconnect the the bulb from the socket first...because the clasp keeps the bulb from droping and getting in your way. To open the clasp, I believe you push down and it will unfasten.

5. When replacing the buld with a Holagen\ Xenon type of bulb DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS with your hands it shortens the life of the bulb.

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