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Ls400 Brake Light Switch Replacement


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I need to replace the brake light switch on my 97' LS400. I have the replacement switch, but can't locate it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Since the transmission shift lever lock-out is activated by this switch, I can't drive the car :( . Any advice concerning location and changing the switch would be most appreciated.

Email to me if you want at: Lalderman@aol.com.

Thank you.

Leslie Alderman in Ohio

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This is on a completely different car, but I have the same problem with my wife's 2000 Mercedes C280. The switch is under the dash above the brake pedal. I removed the trim under the steering wheel to get to it. On this car, it looks straight forward, just a switch with a plunger that is activated by brake pedal movement. It may be that your car has a manual override to unlock the shift lever. You might check the owners manual or maybe someone can chime in. On my wife's car, there is a tiny trap door under the "D" letter in the shift panel. You stick a pen/pencil down there and it releases the shift lever so you are not stranded.


1990 LS400

1991 300CE

2000 C280

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Thanks so much. I figure this switch is down there somewhere by the brake pedal. The replacement switch I obtained has a plunger on it and would indeed operate when depressed by pressing the brake pedal. I got under there (best as I could) and tried to look for it, but couldn't see it. I am 99.9% positive this is the problem. A master mechanic friend of mine told me that the inter-lock is typically tied into the light switch. It's for this reason you have to push down the brake to "un-lock" the shifter. Sure enough...my brake lights are NOT working, so it makes sense. I have removed that little cover and tripped the manual lock out so I can move the car, but obviously, I want to get it fixed. I'm certain I could change the switch if I could just locate it (I've built a couple homebuilt aircraft and cars all my life) so fixing it I'm certain is no big deal. Finding the switch at this point is the issue. I'm 6'3" and that makes it all but impossible to get into a position to work under the dash on this and just about any car. If anyone knows exactly where this switch is, let me know please. Most likely I'll have to take it to someone who can work under the dash anyway even when/if I do locate it!!

Thanks again. I'm most appreciative. I'll let you know what I figure out here. B)

Les in Ohio

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Granted, I am kind of a skinny dude but I just now laid on my back and could see the brake light switch at the top of the brake pedal lever in my 2000 LS400. I then checked my repair manual which confirms that what I saw really is the brake pedal switch. The switch is above the rod that runs from the brake pedal through the fire wall.

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