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  1. Flex discs still available. Check fitment of part number. I bought it for a Gen 1 car but part number indicates Gen 2.
  2. Yes, still for sale. Thanks, glenmore los angeles
  3. New Mobil 1 M1-102 oil filter free w/ purchase SOLD New (2) Purolator L10241 oil filters free w/purchase BOTH SOLD New (2) Toyo Drive Shaft Flex discs #37511-50040 for Lexus LS400 1990-1997 $30 SOLD New Inner tie rods EU421 and EU 422 (replaces TRW, MOOG) $15 SOLD Used 1991 Factory Manual Volume 1 Engine and some Chassis & 1990 Factory Manual Volume 2 Chassis $60 SOLD Used MAF Mass air flow sensor Fuji FMZ3AYY2, #22204-42011 $50 SOLD Used Denso Idle Air Control Valve #2720-50010 $35 New (2) Front strut bumpers OEM #48331-50010 $20 New Toyota Belt Tensioner #16620-0W100 $30 Shipping additional. Cram a flat rate box! PayPal Offers welcomed.
  4. !990 LS400 with about 180k. Tranny has been flawless up until now. Now on occasion it will not go into reverse. Sometimes on a cold start, sometimes after the car has been driven. When you shift into reverse there is no chug of the transmission engaging. The car will just rev with gas and no movement. Shift to D and you can go forward but no reverse. No amount of shifting to D, N, R will get it into reverse. The only thing that seems to work is a repeated shut off and start and then it will engage. When my daughter first reported this to me, I thought maybe she was parked on a hill (San Francisco) but it seems to have no relation to the position of the car.
  5. There is a rubber bushing underneath the car in the linkage that is easy to replace. Dealer part.
  6. FS Six Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil filters, # M1-102. $25.30 for six. Flat rate shipping to CONUSA $10.70 Total $36.00 PayPal Thanks, glenmore los angeles
  7. Thank you for all for the different suggestions for removing locks. I thought mine were McGard but turns out they are some long forgotten brand so getting a new key was out. McGard only made an old model with 8 splines. Mine had seven. The sacrificial 12 pt socket or a tool like the Craftsman Bolt-Out works best with a spline lock. I went with the Craftsman tool kit for $20. The first one took several tries before I finally got the hang of it. It takes pounding with a hammer in a rocking pattern to get it to seat and then slow pressure from your breaker bar is all it takes. Just repeat if it fails to grab. A good reminder to always torque your lug nuts particularly after you've been to a shop. I would have had a hell of a time if some shop torqued them a lot more. Another tip, using a torque wrench, tighten all the nuts an extra 5-8 lbs except for the lock nut, thereby easing the pressure on the lock nut. In extreme cases, weld a bolt or nut to the lock nut. Another last ditch method if nothing else works: remove all nuts. raise wheel, spin the wheel so the lock nut is at 3 o'clock position. apply brake and lower car so some weight is applied to the tire. raise car, spin lock nut to 9 o'clock position and repeat. The rocking and the pressure will loosen the lock nut. This method results in no damage to the wheel and may be the last resort if the nuts are deeply recessed, or you have no access to tools. glenmore 1990 LS400 1991 300CE 2000 C280
  8. I think I'm in trouble here. My daughter left the trunk open and somebody pilfered some of the tools from the trunk kit. He/she was kind enough not to take the lug wrench but for some reason took the anti-theft lug nut key for the wheels. I can't find the original McGard packaging that had the code on it. What are my options? I'll contact McGard tomorrow and see what they can do. Thanks, glenmore 1990 LS400
  9. They use the same procedure at COSTCO. One guy torques the nuts and then it is verified. Also they are very strict about what tires they put on your car. If it is an approved size and speed rating, you're OK but anything else, you're out of luck. You have to admire their business model, sell as many tires as possible, as quickly as possible with the least amount of potential risk. Torque is very important if you don't want to warp your rotors. Probably less a problem with Lexus because it is a beefy rotor designed to be turned between pad changes. Mercedes uses a thinner rotor that is designed to be replaced more often. I always check torque after I get home. A good reason to check is to make sure none of the nuts are crossthreaded and if you find one then you can take care of it then rather than finding out at a far less convenient time. I was casually watching this guy put the wheels back on my Lexus and I saw that he started each lug nut by hand and finished with the air wrench. He started to hurry and did the last 2 directly with the air wrench. I checked it at home and sure enough one was cross threaded. Took it back and they changed it right away. In the middle of nowhere your only hope would be that you could snap off the stud and nut by jumping on the lug wrench. Good excuse to get a nice Snap-On torque wrench! glenmore 1990 ls400 1991 300ce 2000 c280
  10. For Sale: Four (4) of the latest Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filters, M1-102. Fits most year Lexus LSs. $20 plus shipping. Send me your Zip to calc shipping. They are heavy so usually around $10-$12 shipping. PayPal. I get these on sale with oil, but use oil must faster than filters. glenmore LOS ANGELES 1990 ls400 1991 300ce 2000 c280
  11. Wanted dead IACVs for First Gen LS400s 1990-1994. I want to tinker and rebuild some of these. Looking for dead ones for spare parts. Let me know what you have. Thanks, glenmore los angeles
  12. This is an age old question and there are many pluses and minuses. On the plus side: 1) Mechanics will be much more familiar with your car. 2) A regular schedule of maintenance at the dealer MAY earn you some goodwill for some future expensive repair. This is on the theory that they have continuously gouged you so they can take a little less on an unexpected repair. 3) Dealers will try as hard as they can to foist a repair off on the manufacturer as a warranty item, giving you a free ride. 4) They warrantee their work. On the negative side: 1) Very expensive. A good independent will always be cheaper. 2) No guarantee of goodwill. You do all your service at the dealer and they STILL gouge you on a big repair. 3) No guarantee that they will warrantee their work. This board has plenty of stories of their cars coming out of dealer service with continuing problems. Then it becomes a war of who gives up first. 4) You really should try and develop a good relationship with a good independent. It's like finding a good plumber or dentist. Find a good one and give them your business. glenmore 1990 LS400 1991 300CE 2000 C280
  13. New or used? How much was the part? Thanks, glenmore