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Mileage Question

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Is your question if it's possible to get that kind of mileage out of this vehicle with proper maintenance and with repairing/replacing key parts as they wear (CV joints, struts, etc.)? If so, then yes.

If you are asking if the vehicle will just keep going solid without any real maintenance for that many miles, then the answer is probably no... but it might.

From my perspective, as a mechanical design engineer, the vehicle will drive forever if you drive it in a nice mild climate, garaged when not in use, keep well maintained, and driven with care. They are very well built vehicles, but all vehicles have an engine that generates heat and that heat cycles between starting the engine and shutting it off, they recirculate hot pressurized coolant, and they are exposed to wear and environmental contaminants. In other words, they will wear, and eventually wear out, but depending on factors, you could easily get 350-400K out of the thing.

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When I was shopping around up here (canada) , I saw a few 92-95's that had 410k on them.

The cars were a bit beat up but overall more than drivable (we are talking some rust here and there, a few dings, torn seats etc....) the owners were slacking majorly on upkeep but meh their car not mine.

Besides the engine trouble the 92's were having that eventually needs to be replaced, overall they will last a long time. hehe just look at any civic from the same year, wait thats right you cant cuz they have all fallen apart :P

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I have a Lexus ES300 1998 model, It has 255K miles on it. I'm wondering if anyone is seeing 350K....400K miles from these cars? It's been a very solid car just wondering if it's time to sell?

I just bought a 1994 ES300 from a co-worker with 205K miles on it, for $1000. So far, so good. She did change the oil regularly, but never changed the transmission fluid. The first thing I did was put a new filter in and drained the fluid, twice. It's not a flush, but it's a decent color now. I hope to get 400K plus out of this car, as it's a pleasure to drive. I'm even planning on selling my 1972 2002Tii I like this car so much.

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