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  1. I know you posted this a while back, but I am going through a similar problem. I ended up buying the wrong PS hose because the diagrams provided make a couple of the hoses look similar. The one I had a leak in runs from a banjo fitting at the fan through a rubber section, back to metal, back to rubber, splits in two along the driver's side of the engine (Dealer only item AFAIK $199) Good luck
  2. As an update, the shop told me I had a bad PS pump and a bad hose, but they could not get the parts. I ordered the parts online, and they installed them. After picking up the car, by the time I got home, the PS reservoir was almost empty (2 miles!) I took it back in, and they told me it was another hose, which they could not get. I ordered it online (I thought) but it was the same one they had replaced. Today I'm going to the Lexus dealer, who say they were able to get the part for me ($199), so hopefully this saga will end today.
  3. Hi, I took my car in for brake work to NTB and they found that my PS fluid was empty. They convinced me that a flush and fill might save the rack. I noticed several weeks later that the level had gone down again, the reservoir was empty, so I topped it off with PS fluid, which is what the filled it with. My question is, could this be leaking from the low pressure side of the system, rather than the pump? Does the car needed ATF instead of PS fluid? Thanks
  4. It's a 94, and the owners manual mentions them. I came across something that showed a relationship between the DRL circuit and the power antenna, which is disconnected, so I'm going to look into that possibility.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll track down those parts and check them out/clean them up. I don't like the idea of not knowing if the engine is overheating!
  6. Great advice...thanks. I did go to a junkyard looking for es300 and camry antennas, but did not think to look for other makes from the same period. I also like the idea of cutting off the mast as a last resort to do the replacement thing. Thanks again.
  7. I just bought a 1994 ES300 from a co-worker with 205K miles on it, for $1000. So far, so good. She did change the oil regularly, but never changed the transmission fluid. The first thing I did was put a new filter in and drained the fluid, twice. It's not a flush, but it's a decent color now. I hope to get 400K plus out of this car, as it's a pleasure to drive. I'm even planning on selling my 1972 2002Tii I like this car so much.
  8. My DRL are not working, and the fuse is good. The factory manual shows various place where a relay is for them (under the hood, behind the glove box in Canada, etc.) The previous owner just kept the lights switched on all the time, and was happy with them going off after setting the alarm, but I'd like to fix the problem instead. Any suggestions?
  9. I have a non-working power antenna I cannot get the old cable out of, and the mast will not retract at all in order to do the cable replacement. Does anyone have a working one for sale? Thanks
  10. I just bought this car and noticed that the coolant guage does not work. Could this be electrical, or mechanical? The is no illumination to it either. Any way to test it? Thanks