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Vsc+engine Warning Lights


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Hi guys,

need your expertise on this side of the Atlantic.

I'm experiencing the notorious VSC+ENGINE warning. Car's performance is absolutely nominal (2001 RX mark 1 with 88000 KM). So far I've had the spark plugs changed (they were almost due, anyway) and I've checked the vacuum lines (fuel cap, hose behind filter box and so on).

Unfortunately I'm unable to provide the 4-digit error codes: my mech's system will "translate" them on the fly (what we get is ECU-SERVICE 3, ECU-SERVICE 7, LEAN FUEL/AIR MIXTURE, on both banks). I've ordered one of those cheap readers in the UK, but it's still in the mail).

I'd be grateful for any advice regarding what to focus on next (MAF, lambda sonds, fuel pump/filter, you-name-it... :rolleyes: ).

My mech (NOT a Lexus mech) says that he would bet on something related to sparks (wiring? coils?). I'm a bit puzzled, because that would mean that something "electric" is wrong on both banks at the same time: possible, but unlikely.

My last hope would be Lexus official, but it's quite a long way from where I live to their shop.

Many thanks

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Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately the gas cap is really tight, and the lights keep returning in a while after they've been resetted.

Today I received the code reader. Will be adding more info as soon as those *&$£ lights come out again.

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Yes, thanks (codes were even included in the leaflet of the reader I bought).

I was hoping to get something more precise about the possible cause out of the codes.

I'm running out of "cheap" options: next monday I'm having the IACV and PCV valves checked.

MAF is clean, vacuum system (including gas cap) seems ok, coolant temp sensor works fine, no sign of ruptures in the exhaust hoses...

If the valves are ok, I fear I'll have to check ignitors and/or fuel pump/filter...:cries: :(

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I had the same lights. The dealer said it usually is from a lose gas cap. They had to reset the computer with their equipment and the code went away.

Good Luck

Ihave the same problem but Lexus told me the code is P1130 A/F sensor.. the lights stayed off for about a month and now they came back on. I have to bring it back to the dealer.

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